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So you want me to tell you about myself huh?.. Sims Lover..
Engaged to the love of my life Juarren Bowman.
I love to draw, sing, edited and make videos, play video games, and watch basketball and football..
Rest in peace to my big brother/CuzZo Koltron!! ♥ I miss you & and love you so very much!! I am trying to reach my goal of 10,000 followers on Twitter, I have almost 9,000+ so far! Help me reach 10,000 (@MaidieMae). I'm Pretty. Odd.
I love Panic! at the Disco!! hehe!! I'm very antisocial and claustrophobic. So don't try to be my fucking friend!! I love my mom and my grandma they mean the world to me!! ♥ Right along with my sister and brothers!!
I could go on for ever tell you about myself, but I'm not!

Animal Crossing New Leaf 🍃🍂
Panic! At The Disco❗
Justin Timberlakeⓙⓣ
Eminem 🎧🎤💣🔫💊💉
Paramore [|||]
Fall Out Boy🗻🎆
The Neighbourhood ▽♡🏡
I am the ruler of Skyrim👌✌
Byee ;)

Woburn, Massachusetts



Las Vegas 8/2/13




I just discovered something

Nick’s birthday is the 5th July

Alex’s birthday is the 6th January

Matt’s birthday is the 7th May

Jamie’s birthday is the 8th July

I’m crying tears of joy

I want to start a band I’m so serious!!


does anyone want to start a band with me I can sing, play violin, drum a little and I know 4 chords on guitar but I don’t know what they’re called


Anyone want to start a band with me?


I am being like absolutely legit right now…



does anyone want to start a band with me


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Who wants to start a band with me, I don’t play any instruments just sing..
If you can play any instruments PLEASE MESSAGE ME I SERIOUSLY WANNA DO THIS


Who wants to start a punk rock band with me?



So I guess jesse and anabel have officially broken up 😢
My father broke my heart long before any boy had the chance to. -

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