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So you want me to tell you about myself huh?.. Sims Lover..
Engaged to the love of my life Juarren Bowman.
I love to draw, sing, edited and make videos, play video games, and watch basketball and football..
Rest in peace to my big brother/CuzZo Koltron!! ♥ I miss you & and love you so very much!! I am trying to reach my goal of 10,000 followers on Twitter, I have almost 9,000+ so far! Help me reach 10,000 (@MaidieMae). I'm Pretty. Odd.
I love Panic! at the Disco!! hehe!! I'm very antisocial and claustrophobic. So don't try to be my fucking friend!! I love my mom and my grandma they mean the world to me!! ♥ Right along with my sister and brothers!!
I could go on for ever tell you about myself, but I'm not!

Animal Crossing New Leaf 🍃🍂
Panic! At The Disco❗
Justin Timberlakeⓙⓣ
Eminem 🎧🎤💣🔫💊💉
Paramore [|||]
Fall Out Boy🗻🎆
The Neighbourhood ▽♡🏡
I am the ruler of Skyrim👌✌
Byee ;)

Woburn, Massachusetts

Game time!!  (;
1 year ago | 09:06pm

Game time!! (;

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